J.K. Rowling Just Revealed The 4 New Wizarding Schools In The World of Harry Potter For The Upcoming Movie

J.K. Rowling has introduced the names and locations of four more previously unmentioned Wizard Schools in North America, South America, Japan and Africa! <br><br>1. Ilvermorny, the North American wizard school and the setting for the upcoming movie 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'.

"Castelobruxo is an imposing square edifice of golden rock, often compared to a temple. Both building and grounds are protected by the Caipora, small and furry spirit-beings who are extraordinarily mischievous and tricky, and who emerge under cover of night to watch over the students and the creatures who live in the forest."

2. Castelobruxo. The wizarding school in Brazil!

"The largest of all wizarding schools, it welcomes students from all over the enormous continent. The only address ever given is 'Mountains of the Moon'; visitors speak of a stunning edifice carved out of the mountainside and shrouded in mist, so that it sometimes appears simply to float in mid-air. The wand is a European invention, and while African witches and wizards have adopted it as a useful tool in the last century, many spells are cast simply by pointing the finger or through hand gestures."

3. Uagadou. Africa's own school wizardry!